What is Rockability?

WA Rockability Group Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2015. The WA Rockability Group Inc’s mission is to provide any body with the means to increase their participation and engagement in music occupation via innovative intervention and ideas.

Contributing to a recording? Being a part of a band? Writing lyrics to sooth the soul or express how you feel? Assisting a group to perform live on stage? WA Rockability Group Inc. provides expert innovation and intervention to increase any body engaging in the meaningful benefits that are associated to participating in music in a group and in a one-on-one setting.

The WA Rockability Group Inc. endeavours to facilitate and assist individuals who experience difficulties participating in music-based activities and to provide therapeutic benefits.

The WA Rockability Group Inc. also works within the community to provide this service to anyone! Our borders are endless! Founded by a practicing and passionate Occupational Therapist with an extensive music background and backed by an equally talented, passionate and resourceful team, the WA Rockability Group is open to any goal / challenge and guarantees to practice in a person-centred way, individualized to the person and group. Contact WA Rockability Group Inc. for more information and see what the Rockabiltiy Group Inc. can do you, your school, your friends, your family or group! No mission is too small or too big. Become a member of our team today and support the movement!